How do I contact Customer Service?

Give us a call at 541-862-1717 or
email us at: support@rtprintshop.com

What's your return policy?

Any other printer would tell you something like "sorry it's a custom order so no returns or refunds" but we're not like those other printers. we teamed up with SEEL return assurance to back us up on returns or exchanges, even on custom printed orders. 

How can I place an order for custom printing?

Easy peasy! just CLICK HERE and fill out the form.

What quality/size should my art be?

The way our printing works is what you see is what you get. if your art is Low-Res the print will be the same. We recommend the art to be a min. of the size of the print and at least 300 Pixels per inch. If the art is lower resolution that's fine but, your print will be that resolution when its printed. 

Can I provide my own garment for printing?

The short answer is yes. please read below

We do our best to make sure everything we print is the best quality however, Printing isn't an exact science and sometimes misprints happen. The garments we provide have been tested by us so we know how they will react to our printing process. by choosing to provide your own garment, you can save a little money but you are also taking a risk. We're cool with printing on garments you provide as long as you understand that if anything happens to the garment you provided during the printing process that may be deemed a misprint or leaves the garment unusable Rogue Threads is not liable for replacement or damages and that you, the customer will need to provide another garment. by continuing with your order you agree.

Question about Shipping and Handling?

Rogue Threads ships to all 50 US states, we do not ship internationally at this time.

Can I use more than one coupon on my order?

Our systems only allow one coupon per purchase.

My order says “pending.” What does that mean?

Your gear has been processed and we’re getting it out the door just as fast as we can

My Store Credit/Gift Card Code is not working. What do I do?

Contact Customer Service for help with processing Gift Cards and Store Credit.